Under the fingers quietly.

Under the fingers quietly, to not awaken the beast.
I love him, in the same time I hate him.
Sun is shining, it feels warm, since I don’t recognize myself.
Dusk, sun, moon, stars, awareness of the praying heart.
He knows, he knows how to feel joy, pain, jealousy, past, so strong.
Drop off, as before, wake up after.
And those  sleepy eyes that are waiting to be opened.
I get up before all, to prepare me for the day.
And fall asleep in front of everyone, it’s easier when you breathe, you seems peaceful.
Chains on the neck, in the mind, everywhere, and the door is always open.
But at least I was locking up us, it’s certainly true.
Blackouts, darkness, fear, as you wake up, not to bury me.
Short intervals of peace, tranquility, and me.
Pure soul.
Glass heart, transparent, like the beaches that you was always talking about.
I wake up, I died, You kissed me, i awaken.


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