If there was at least one dignity for you.

Will they allowed them to fly and fly away, will they allowed them widely through the clouds.
Are you dreaming?
If there was at least one, were you  be able to thaw your beautiful hair here in this moment?
If there was just one, that would recognize that smell.
Smell on the pillow, smell when the wind blows, the smell of words.
Simple, ordinary words.
Your happiness is not given to meet with countless, great dignity everywhere.
Your happiness Is given one.
To recognize, to please, to love.
Your word will always  be last, your dignity will be always on top.
Thus I was born, all  i want to see, but only one can.
And better,  you are not for everyone. But you are all to everybody.
You are sculpted in the scent of one star under which you were born, in the smell of your eternity.
If there was even one, i will surely fall asleep in peace.


Something your Soul wants to say?

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