Hope, the anchor of the Soul.

Hope was defined as the perceived capability to derive pathways to desired goals, and motivate oneself via agency thinking to use those pathways. Hope Theory: Rainbows in the Mind. C. R. Snyder. The University of Kansas, Lawrence. Good luck with that. With all due respect to the psychology definition of Hope and everyone who are […]

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What is Spiritual world like?

It is like being surrounded with all the Love in the world, with all the Joy and Comfort centered around you. Like when you dream and in your dreams you can be whoever you want to be, wherever you want to be. Free, loved and joyful. To have all the knowledge without the pain. Without […]

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The Secret of Success.

Straight to the point. No circling around it. Let’s be clear once for all. There is only one Secret , the Secret of All. It is the same secret which is used by people who cured themselves, to find the love of their life, to be successful, to have wealth. You have to act from […]

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Find your Inner Talks.

  The wise man said just walk this way To the dawn of the light The wind will blow into your face As the years pass you by Hear this voice from deep inside It’s the call of your heart Close your eyes and your will find The passage out of the dark *Scorpions, ‘’Send […]

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Under the fingers quietly.

Under the fingers quietly, to not awaken the beast. I love him, in the same time I hate him. Sun is shining, it feels warm, since I don’t recognize myself. Dusk, sun, moon, stars, awareness of the praying heart. He knows, he knows how to feel joy, pain, jealousy, past, so strong. Drop off, as before, […]

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I have kept your dream.

I woke up with pain in my hands. Dream in a dream, I held you why I was falling so strongly. And I yelled, I yelled at you, please don’t go. I saw you next to me and fell asleep as always, in the most beautiful dream. I  was saved there, you saved me while […]

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A thousand battles.

I didn’t choose them, i fought them all. Enraged beast in me. He sought and begged to go when you tilt all at once. Night with requests to chase the morning beaten with tenderness. Ironically we are leading the wars, masochistic like. I loved you as much as I wanted to win. To win a […]

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I love you in three days.

When all the excitement lasts several breaths. When the day depends on your dream. When feelings depend on the moment. When i am stepping towards you. When the success of desire is here. When my heart melts. When the touch is yours and the beauty is mine. When peace derives from me. When passion from […]

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Once we learn.

That there is something above and on. My view meant something. Something that your darkness caused. That will not be afraid of him. That not even you. That will win and will love me more. That when you lose power, you will abandon it. That even once you fall in front of me without shame. […]

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She was wearing only her smile.

I used to see you. Full of yourself, worth of all lives inside you. No one like you, no one like him. Only you, for eternity. And she wondered something, something was missing. And she was so perfect. Graceful from the outside, fragile from the inside. Moving through the souls. The heart was never beating […]

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