Signs of a grown Soul.

We are humans of wonder, humans who often ask themselves is the person next to them has succeed more. We are measured, predicted and defined by success. Or at least we think that way until we reach to the point where something different is even  greater. That spot is called happy to be alive. Happy […]

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Do we understand each other?

I believe the largest true a person can find is that he creates his own reality. And not just in the big things, small things like talking to someone and getting that person message. I wonder if you have experienced talking with someone and that person totally understands you wrong. It seems like we all […]

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Be where your feet are.

Every night when we go to bed, we fall asleep dreaming of better tomorrow. Dreaming of better version of us, more successful versions, more confident, more good-looking. We dream of changing our own life to better, to feel better. We are constructing the best version of us placed in the future, conditioned by some already […]

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Small wins matter.

I believe it is very familiar to all of us that feeling of constant aiming for the bigger picture, for reaching the big dream. And while we are so stubborn to reach for the moon the fastest way, we are neglecting all the little stars that we are collecting along the way. We are winning […]

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The beauty of option B.

We have all been there, wrapped in the snuggling thought of our own grown up dreams. Doctor, pilot, astronaut,chef, every child big dream. Year after year we keep dreaming and developing dreams over dreams, we build our world around it, we make a whole life around one dream. And if everything works along the plan […]

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Tribute to all Soul workers.

It happens, every day. Deep, deep down, when you scrape the last piece beneath all, what do you find in a human? Unfortunately, separateness. The human ego made it so hard to reach to his Soul inside that it’s almost non existing part of us. It’s almost unnoticeable. It’s barely alive. No matter, how much […]

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